Pray to God for the sacrifices of innocent children in satanic cults on Halloween.  Rebuke the rituals of creatures that joyfully celebrate that date and declare Satan the owner of Humankind.


It seems a warning and a request to devout Christians . . . and law enforcement about heinous crimes against innocent children.

Halloween is rooted in the occult world of witchcraft and satanism. America should ban Halloween as we are entering the Tribulation anticipating Christ’s Second Coming. Many people celebrate Halloween innocent of its dark aspect.  Witches, Pagans and Satanists celebrate Halloween as a principal “holiday.”

Halloween symbolism, such as black cats, snakes and broomsticks, has its roots in witchcraft and satanism, and parents should forbid their children to participate in occult celebrations.

The occult is associated with secret supernatural knowledge and practice or “psychic” phenomena, to gain personal power. Some occult practices rely on demons for goal attainment. The occult increases rapidly where abound books and magazines about the subject.



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