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The Holy Spirit had commanded me to prepare a Warning Package in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French and herald the message to the world.  He did not mention any date, only the Almighty Father knows the exact date, but ordered me to proceed briskly in the preparation and dissemination of the four packages.

I visited today the site Garabandal News and read some prophecies of The End Times:

An important Synod, pre-Warning, will occur before the Garabandal events, but we are not sure that the Current Synod (2015) is the pre-Warning.

A future pope will go to Moscow, Russia, and a pope will define a new dogma on the day of the Miracle of Garabandal.

A Schism will precede the Garabandal Prophecies, an important detail communicated by Serafin, a brother of the visionary Conchita.

Garabandal completes Fatima as Akita completes Garabandal. Just a year after 1960, the year when the Fatima 3rd secret should be revealed to the world, God chose to send his Mother to us, between a 3rd secret not disclosed and an important council.  She returned in Japan and on October 13, 1973 when Our Lady of Akita gave a stern warning to Humanity and the Church.

The Warning will come directly from God and will be visible throughout the World, seen and experienced by everyone, the Warning IS LIKE 2 stars that crash, making a lot of noise and light but don’t fall.  This event will be a purification which will make us think of the dead, no one will have doubts it comes from God. The Warning will take place within 12 months before the Great Miracle Day.

The Blessed Mother foretold to four young girls of Garabandal:

“Two comets in the sky that will collide the whole world will shake the sky will roll back my Cross will appear in the sky which will be seen by the entire world. This is the description of the sign that the Warning will commence all people from the age of reason will have a one on one visit with Jesus he will show us the state of our souls as God sees them. We will have a chance to repent with him some will reject him.

Some may die of shock no our Lord wants us not be afraid as he comes not as a judge but to save us from sin a gift of mercy from God our father. This will give many souls a chance to repent and be saved from Hell and live with God’s family in the Kingdom of heaven.”

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