Maria Julianna, 03-30-18


March 30, 2018

Good Friday and the Lord Jesus

“Dear children, Good Friday! This is the day of my salvation and the cross word. Look up the cross! Finally, realize how much I love you! My salvation covers all peoples. But I can only save those who cooperate with my Grace.

My children, you got free will ― listen to the voice of conscience ― it’s always good for you. If you listen to Me, you will be saved, but if you mute and follow the wicked, you will condemn yourselves.

My children! I have never committed sin, and I have taken the sin of the whole world. Look at Me! How much I suffered for you ― I became a victim ― do not neglect my Redemption. If I have suffered innocently so much for your sins, you too must suffer a great deal for all that you have done against God’s laws and the supreme command of love. God’s law is very simple for the only word is: love. If you love me, you cannot sin. If you love your friends, you can always forgive them and you can help to them. Do not be vengeful! I’m the Eternal Judge, and I will pay everybody according to their deeds. Everyone must stand before my court. You do not judge each other, because you are brothers. Love your enemies and pray for them! When you stop at my court, I will only ask two questions: Did you love it? You made it? If I cannot find love in you, I cannot accommodate you into the eternal tabernacle. Love every man! For My Elohim, forsake your enemies and pray for them. Ask Me to regain my mercy and love you. Believe it will happen. I am the Almighty.

My dear children! Now I teach and warn you. Your life is short, and you do not know if you’re going to see tomorrow. I asked you for uninterrupted readiness. Pray for your persecutors, so that they too will be converted to Me. If you do, you will experience miracles.

Little children! I speak to you about the cross, because I’m on Earth on the cross. If you want to identify with me, take your cross. I received the cross to bring salvation. I’m getting you through the cross. Deny yourselves and do not insist on your sins. Give Me your life! Believe that I’m doing everything for your salvation! If you love me, everything will be successful.

My children! As long as you live on Earth, you can perfectly unite to Me on the cross. Think of my sufferings and give thanks for My Redemption. If you do, I give you my glory, you will partake eternal happiness. I bless you with this infinite love of My heart in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”




Good Friday and the Holy Spirit

“Now I’m giving you a prayer:

My Dear Jesus! Here I stand under your cross. I hear your lungs tickling. Suffocation rages. Most of your Blood is gone. Your Heart is failing. Tetanus cramps are tingling. High fever stirs. Your throat is dry and your tongue has fallen. You have no fortune. What you wanted, you said, “Father, forgive them for not knowing what they are doing. I am thirsty. God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Everything is consummated. Father, I deliver You my spirit.” Can we forgive our enemies forever? Can we pray for them? Can we say with complete faith, with confidence: “My Father, in Your hand I deliver my soul”? Please Jesus, utter these words again for us. Be with us in the hour of our death, and give us peace. We can depart from this world and strongly believe in our Redeemer Christ ― when we die, our eternal life begins. His death on the cross and His Resurrection are our only hope. His promise is certain for He is righteous: “He that believeth in Me, if he dies, he shall live. I’m going to make a place for you. Then I will come back and I will take you with Me, so that you too may be where I am and see my glory. “It is better to die for this world and all the seduction, for death is expected. In fact, if we really love Jesus, we also want to go home to Him. Let us see Him from eye to eye, and worship and glorify Him forever, with the innumerable army of holy angels and saints.

Brothers and sisters, here and now is the time for repentance! When time expires, you we can easily be like the stupid virgins who left the wedding. There will be weeping. Let us live in the sacred Fear of God! Receive the teaching of Jesus, the Holy Gospel, and change your deeds. Then there is no surprise. We will be with you for all eternity. Your eyes did not see and ears did not hear, and your heart cannot grasp what God has prepared for those who love Him. Amen.”

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