Maria Julianna, 04-04-18


Maria Julianna


“Open the Scriptures!” It was opened here: “Jesus said: [I came] to fulfill the scriptures of the prophets” (Matthew 26:55-56).

Jesus: “Dear children! As you have read in the Scriptures that the prophecies must be fulfilled, and that is also true to Me, then all the prophecies I have propagated to you by my prophets will be fulfilled.

My children get ready! Live as if you were ready to die because you stand on the eve of a big world burn. You can only bring your actions with yourself. It is unnecessary to collect your possessions, because everything that remains will be destroyed. Use the time well because bad days are coming. Take your time to repent of your sins with which you have hurt the good Father. Sing to heart to each other, forgive each other, for even your Father will forgive you. Pray in our Prayer daily, what I have taught you, “Father, forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who have sinned against us.” Whoever does not forgive will invoke a curse. Think: There are more sins than hairs on you, and you have a sore throat. If you do not let my Father forgive you, where do you hope, you are going? I will tell you ― the eternal damnation.

God, the infinite Love, and the law of love, has commanded you to be truthful, because you are not judges of your brothers. You have one thing to do to each other: forgive, forget and always start again. If you do this, you can drop the multicore bag on your backs, which angers you, and it is repugnant as an unbearable burden. Then you will be free because Satan cannot hold you to hatred and anger. If you let go of insult, slander, material harm, unloved words, and all legitimate complaints from your hearts, you will be rid of all of these, and free your fellows as a new opportunity to repent and try to love again.

My children! I am the Judge. Everyone in my judgment seat decides to take his rightful punishment or reward according to his deeds. The Apostle St. Paul says, “Give room for God’s wrath.” “My revenge is mine, I will pay thee,” said the LORD. “Our God is a dignified fire.” (Rom 12:19) and (Hebrews 12:29). The flame of my love that transforms me into a loving, merciful soul, but the unrighteous, that won’t come near me, shall burn eternally on the fire of my righteousness. Therefore, dear children, let us forgive one another as long as you are on the road to the eternal home, for after that the judgment comes.

The feast of My mercy follows the Sunday after Easter, when I extend my merciful Heart. Anyone, who is honest and receives the sacraments, can receive my mercy. On Mercy Sunday, I am looking forward with great love to all repentant sinners, I desire to call and invite them to salvation.

My children! Those who are now praying to Sister, who has led me to all groups of people, receive a lot of grace from Heaven. Rejoice, because I am such a merciful, loving Father who wants to embrace all His rewarding, prodigal sons. God’s love is so perfect and deep, it encompasses everything, and the human mind cannot comprehend such love.

Trust in my Father’s mercy and love! Think of Him sending Me from Heaven, His Most Loved One and Only Begotten Son. I incarnated through the Holy Spirit in the womb of My Holy Mother. I came to the world as a cute little boy and my light irradiated My entire environment. I was born to suffer and die for you ― you do not comprehend this huge sacrifice and immense love.

My children! Pure, selfless love always demands sacrifices. Follow me! Be generous, bring all sacrifices, for what you do to one of the little ones, you are doing it to Me. You will face my judgment seat. If I find love, you will enter in Heaven. In my kingdom country there is only love. Strive to live by turning my words to deeds to gain eternal salvation.

I’m a huge treasure for you. The whole universe is nothing to prove to the great gift that I have stayed with you with my beloved Holy Body and Blood in the Most Mighty Eucharistic Sacrament. I desire to enter into the pure souls of all men to give Me a dwelling in their hearts.

I will receive them in My own time, and in My merciful love-blazing Heart, which is, through eternity, the place and source of the greatest pleasures. You do not know what’s waiting for you in My kingdom. Oh, if you knew how much happiness is the fate of the soul united with Me, you would do all you can to win this mighty grace. I bless you with my merciful love in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

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