Maria Julianna, 04-10-18


Maria Julianna


“Dear children! I have heard the prayer of this country [Hungary], which has been coming to Me for years. Not riches, money, appreciation, but spiritual renewal, which will now take place. More and more young people and people of all ages will join Me because I pour out my Holy Spirit to attract them to the only living God, who will glow the sunshine for good and evil. I said, “Without me, you could do nothing.” Now the whole world looks at this small country, as a spiritual Israel, as a chosen one, whom I have accumulated with special graces, for my mother constantly intercedes for you, because you belong to her.

The son of King Stephen wanted to leave your country, and he gave Hungary to the Virgin Mary. Even today, those who want to get closer to Me can do this through my Mother, for she is the mediator between man and the Second Divine Person. Just as you can intercede for a senior citizen or for one of your beneficiaries, so my mother intercedes for those who cry to Me. That’s why I asked for the rosary as the most powerful prayer that binds Satan as a fiery chain and he cannot kick it.

My children! Your weapons should be prayers, because prayer blinds the devil, binds him, and throws him into hell. Prayer is the most powerful weapon that liberates you from sin. You are freed from Satan’s dominance. You can freely give me your life and I will make you holy. You’ve got another four years now. You should not lie back in the armchair. You must continue to pray for the spiritual renewal of your home, and for the atonement of all the sins committed in your country and in the world.

Your country has received a lot of mercy, the Love Flame, which has ever been the greatest gift since I was conceived in the womb of my Mother and came to the world.

Then there is Sister Natalie, who my mother asked for the chapel on the Saint Anna Meadow. This is the chapel, if it is not already made of stones, but of souls. For all those who worship, attend the Holy Mass, and worship the Blessed Sacrifice, are to Me as if they were praying in a church, because I am the church. I said, “Destroy this temple, and I will build it on the third day.” The Church is the Resurrected Body and Blood in the Most Mighty Eucharistic Sacrament. Therefore do not be distressed, my little ones, because it is not up to you to have a stone-built church there. You did your business, and my mother accepted it, and I will protect you from all that plagues the world.

You started will be the Atonement, the Prayer, and the many graces that I give first and foremost through my Hungarian prophets to you and to the whole world. All those who read my messages of faith, and turn them to good deeds, will gain holiness. Pray for more spiritual commitment from people and priests. I will raise Hungary and show the nation the distress that is plaguing the world. Keep the Christian faith safe, and receive the sacraments often. Prayer should be your daily bread. I will save you, and in heaven will you shine like the crown of my glory. Continue prayer, atonement, and the journey on the path of holiness. Hungary receives all the grace. Believe My Blessing That Strengthens You To Endure This Way And Make Life Exemplars Of Christian Faith In The Heart Of Europe And From Here Begin The Prayer And Pardon That Will Conquer The World. Receive my confirming blessing, which I give to you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, with the wonderful, supernatural love of my heart.”

Scripture Confirmation: (Matthew 15:32).

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