Message to the Lukewarm Christians


It is time to review the article Lukewarm Christians, who show indifference to the Faith including religious practice.  Brother or sister do you participate in Sunday Mass?  Roman Catholics have deserted their churches ― a clear sign of rampant Apostasy.  If you overlook the mass, you probably like religious spirit and you are likely a Lukewarm Christian, a prime target to Satan and his angels including the upcoming Antichrist.  He’s a fallen angel, the son of Satan, a true man and a true demon.

Lukewarm Christians should Be Born Again by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to emulate the Church Renewal in the Philippines.  God has reserved to this nation a pivotal role in The End Times.

Yes, the Holy Spirit is Power that can instill in Lukewarm Christians religious zeal if they surrender to Him.  The two most important invocations to the Holy Spirit are: Come Holy Spirit and Surrender to the Holy Spirit.  Consult the article Holy Spirit’s Gifts and Fruits, one of the most popular articles of my blog, for Christian Renewal.

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