Fourth Letter to the Philippines

The closing paragraph of the article Combination states:

The combination is an advanced structure that facilitates reading and information transfer.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article combination.

The combination is particularly efficient in evangelization because we can reach a multilingual audience with a single article using the information structure. There will come a period of intense evangelization in which the Philippines will be quite instrumental.

The article combination presents Illuminatione and Monitus are examples of combination articles that refer to The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience because the events are vital in God’s plan of salvation of Humanity.  The events may rank second in God’s Mercy to humanity, after the Passion and Death of Christ on a Cross.  I have received a few locutions from the Holy Spirit to develop the Warning Package in different languages.  Click on the following link for the definition of Locution.

I confess that I expected that The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience should have already occurred given the insistence of the Holy Spirit to develop briskly the multilingual packages. I use the words such as soon and imminent in God’s time which is fundamentally different from man’s time.

Some people may derive I’m a false prophet because I refer to time in God’s way. No, I’m not a prophet even thought I may receive and transmit prophecies as in the article Hillary Alert.  I am a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for The End Times. Is there a difference between a Prophet and a Messenger?

“I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their people, and I will put my words in his mouth. He will tell them everything I command him” (Deuteronomy 18:18).

The mission of the Messenger is to bring the Revelation into the world, to find its first respondents, to give them the opportunity to engage with the Revelation and to come to terms with their own deeper nature and calling in life.

The Messenger has no pride. He is a humble man, but he must accept the great calling and the greater responsibilities this places upon him and the great travail he will have to face in bringing a New Revelation into the world.

Many people today are very ambitious regarding spirituality. They really think they are messengers of God and their beliefs, associations, ideals really transcend themselves.  They insist upon this position, though God’s Messages are rarely given. They have falsely assigned themselves God’s representatives. These are attributes of false Messengers. I was assigned a Messenger by the Holy Spirit and obey Him.

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