It’s Time for the Philippines


An anonymous reader of my blog presented the following comment about the article Twenty Third Letter to the Filipinos regarding the interpretation of the code 1972.

I already knew about this as it has been told to me in a message to the late President Marcos in 1972.  The Second Word is the Book of Revelation.  Segundo Verbo and this refers to the Philippines. That is why the devil is trying hard to ruin the Church as well as the citizens.

I did e-mail the anonymous reader today and she replied to me today as follows:

Are you also a visionary?  I find your stories similar to mine and I liked them as a confirmation of what was shown to me.  Thanks for sharing.  May God bless you.


I did receive several inner locutions from the Holy Spirit concerning the brisk development of the Warning Package in four idioms.  The Illumination of Conscience seems the most merciful act of Our Lord to Humanity after His Passion and Death on a Cross.  Let us humbly prepare to receive the Lord’s infinite mercy.

A stigmatic seer has revealed to me that I was a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for the End Times. “No, you are not a prophet,” she stressed.  Therefore, when a reader of my blog commented “another false prophet”, I replied to him that I was not a prophet, then I could not qualify as a false prophet.

Generally, people are averse to prophets that spell dates of events, and used this criterion to doubt about the prophet.  It was with some trepidation that I have stated the Warning and the Illumination of Conscience would occur on February 7, 2019 furthermore, I was just deciphering a code.  I had seen the code for the first time just before retiring to bed for the day, and my first thought the next day in my conscience twilight was February 7, 2019.  Was it my natural intuition or a divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit?  In this doubtful case, credit must be conceded to the Spirit of God who had promised to guide me in my mission when He sought my fiat.  Come Holy Spirit and Renew the Face of the Earth!

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