Chastisements in America


Is Lois Vogel-Sharp a true or a false prophetess?  I do think she is true but the last word belongs to each one of you, and you can give her a call.  She has published the two videos directly linked to this articles.

I had written and posted in descending chronological order  the following articles regarding California.  Click on the links below to retrieve their corresponding articles.

Record Earthquake Coming

California Earthquakes

Abominating California

Fires in California

Beware California

Earthquakes in California

What posture should take a patriotic, compassionate and reasonable person facing a dilemma of extreme calamities in the age of faked news? Furthermore, the Holy Spirit has called me to be a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for the End Times …  I’m reporting what I’ve seen for competent authorities to follow the most adequate action(s).


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