Investigative journalist LIZ CROCKIN has never been challenged on her investigative reporting, and she is involved in a mission to save children from sexual crimes.  I do believe that all reasonable man should support her in her endeavor primarily because innocent children cannot defend themselves and they are subject to horrific torture and death.

When I started to talk in familiar circles about these heinous crimes people didn’t believe me, and left me because they did not want to hear me …  Then brethren, listen to LIZ CROKIN!  On our day of reckoning, God will test us about our behavior among the least of our brethren.   Remnant Church of God, at least pray for child sexual liberation.

I don’t know LIZ, but I’m supporting her noble mission because I want society to get informed as soon as possible about these sexual atrocities against children.  I don’t accept donations for my articles and I cover all my office expenses.  God has called me to be a Messenger of the Holy Spirit for the End Times, as it is documented on Divine Call Package.

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