Petrus Romanus, 06-13-19

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: The Baby Jesus has done exactly the same.

BABY JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus now leaves Our Lady’s Arms and comes towards me and Blesses me; makes the Sign of the Cross on my head + and says:

BABY JESUS: “I Bless you, My son. Sweet ‘Angel of Divine Love’: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.” (He makes the Sign of the cross and goes back to His Mother’s Arms.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My beloved Son, future Vicar of My Divine Son’s Church on Earth, I greet you as I greet all of My children throughout the world. My beloved son, be not afraid because the times that you are living in are very precious times – times when My children must gather all the sheep and bring them to My Divine Son, Jesus – because the times that you are living in are very precious, My dear children, because they are most difficult.”

I ask all of Our children to pray the Most Holy Rosary and to keep faith strong, because, My dear children, you are all being tested, therefore you must remain strong, because the times that you are living in are not only the End Times, but also the moments of your salvation.”

“I’ve shown you today three major Crosses: one coming from the Holy Grounds and the other two Crosses coming from the parts of Australia that will cause many problems for this Nation. Most of the children of Australia are not aware of the many plans that are being drawn up to take over this Land of the Holy Ghost, because Our children have become lazy in their faith, not comprehending what is being planned in this country and the countries throughout the world – that is the complete take-over of the free world. I beg of you, My dear children, to listen very attentively and pray My Most Holy Rosary in this hour, because Australia will be captured, like many Nations in the world and will be subdued by the Evil One through various countries designed to rule the world, because mankind have forgotten their God and placed their own egotism in their lives.”

“Mankind sees the many countries that are enslaved by human weakness, especially the countries of the Middle East, which have already succumbed to much evil and control by the Evil One, the Antichrist and his dominion. Many have read Messages related to the Antichrist at this time, but most do not believe that he exists. Therefore, mankind goes into darkness and blindness, even though My Divine Son and I constantly go throughout the world, reminding mankind that you are living at the very end of times.”

“There are not many years left, My dear son and dear children, before My Divine Son Jesus returns, because then there is total victory for Heaven, for Satan and his band will be annihilated and true peace will be restored to mankind. But My Children, you must be steadfast in your believe, in your faith and in your trust in My Divine Son, because Jesus would not allow you to fall unless you permit it yourselves.”

“The world goes further and further away from My Divine Son and yet mankind go deeper and deeper into darkness and not realizing that the end is very near. It is true, My son and My children, that there are many parts to play before My Divine Son returns to gather the sheep, because, as I have revealed some time ago, We desire the salvation of the whole human race, but sadly, this will not be, but you must pray, dear children. All of My children who hear My Voice, take up My Beads of Love, for every Rosary that is said for mankind, salvation is offered.”

“My children of the Middle East, I have come many times begging of Our children of the world to pray for you because many of you are blind and do not see the path that you are walking on and this path leads you away from My Divine Son. The Great War that has been prophesied for many, many years, will soon come and Russia and China will be involved. Europe will be engulfed once again in warfare, because Russia wishes to take over Italy and France and Germany – and China is planning to take over many Nations and it will not be through the economy, but through warfare, My children.”

“Have you not noticed in many countries that the rain has stopped – or at least reduced – where water will become scarce, but it will be through prayer and sacrifices that you will be given the necessary water and food, because many countries will die of starvation.”

“Have you not read the Book of Revelation, My sweet children, where great catastrophes and disasters are to occur and enslavement. Punishment will come to the world because mankind have [has] placed aside My Divine Son Who is their only Salvation and Joy and Peace.”

“Pray, My dear children and once again I offer you My Holy Rosary so that the children will acknowledge that this prayer is the most important prayer for the Church – for mankind – because time is very short for man – even though there may be fifteen (15) or twenty (20) years to go before the end will come. All depends on man’s response. While mankind continue to disobey God, God will withdraw the Graces from man – and what will you do without Grace, dear children?”

“I go throughout the world seeking My children to take up the Beads of Love, to pray with Me to My Divine Son, so that He will give out His Blessings and Graces to you, so that you will be strengthened in these times of great sorrow.”

WILLIAM: Now Our Lady waves Her right Arm to the right of Her and I see the Cross that was laid on the ground between Sydney and Nowra and Wollongong. I can see underneath the Cross how the earth is also moving and cracking in various parts.

OUR LADY: “See, My children, of what will come upon the land of Illawarra and Sydney. There will be many disturbances coming very soon. The same applies to the Cross going to Brisbane: I can see many buildings being disturbed by an earth tremor that is very, very large. Pray, My children, pray for Australia, for God’s Hand will fall upon this Nation, because many have rejected Me, their Heavenly Mother.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady now shows me the Islands of Indonesia – there is a large volcano erupting there and She shows me two (2) volcanoes in Italy and also San Francisco; there seems to be a very large disruption there.

OUR LADY: “You see, My children, of the world that is being very disturbed in nature and very shortly a volcano in Hawaii will blow and cause much disturbance. My dear children, the main reason why I show you and speak to you about the places that will be disturbed by nature – it is to waken mankind up, because mankind have [has] gone asleep, forgetting that the Eternal Father watches all and seeks the salvation of every man, woman and child. That is why I go throughout the world to call mankind to pray the Holy Rosary and all the other prayers, because in every Apparition I come with My Beads of Love and encourage all of mankind to pray.”

“My dear children, these are difficult times for all, but if you lift up My Beads of Love and bind them to yourselves, with this Chain of Love, you will gather all of God’s children in the days ahead.”

“I love you, My darling children and I Bless you with My Beads of Love, to encourage you to serve God – and be not afraid – because even though the world looks in great danger, but My Divine Son and I will watch over you, waiting for your call – waiting for your prayers. We love you, dear children and send you the Blessing: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And you, My beloved son, your freedom is near. Do not be troubled about the weakness of tiredness, because it is My Divine Son’s Will that you move forward, because your Mission as Peter Abraham II, will come into effect very soon. Pray, My dear son, for Pope Benedict, because his time is very near and that means your time will come soon. Be patient, My holy son, because time is moving on swiftly and every inch of the way is an inch closer to God and His Divine Will.”

“Soon you will meet those whom you will need to meet to complete God’s Plan, for in the coming years you will go to China, The Philippines and to Europe, because the Mission that My Divine Son and I have given you, is irreplaceable and will be fulfilled, as We have said. Your health will improve in a short while and the doors will open for you, My holy son. Be at peace and know that My Divine Son Jesus and I, your Heavenly Mother, love you and watch over you always. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady now shows me Her Immaculate Heart and I can see the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I see another Heart – and the Holy Ghost is above Our Lady now.

OUR LADY: “It is a Mystery, My holy son, that the world will not understand yet, but will when My Divine Son Jesus, returns to Earth. Be at peace.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady now shows me that something very unique will be revealed through the Seers of the world in the coming months.

OUR LADY: “Pray, My dear children, as the Asteroid is very near. Pray, because the world will undergo great trial, very soon. I love you, My dear children and I Bless you and take all your requests with Me to My Divine Son and He will answer it [them] in a very short time. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady now takes the Baby Jesus and They slowly glide up, because the White Cross is in the sky, very bright and behind the White Cross I can see a very large – it looks to me like a Plant or a Comet, or something – but Our Lady has not told me what it is, but it is a very large Planet or something that’s behind the Cross. Our Lady said I’ll know very soon.

The Baby Jesus sends kisses and we send them back to Him.

OUR LADY: “Pray, My dear children, pray! In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

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