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America, what do you want, to keep your satanic ways or return to God’s ways?

I finished the article Return God to School on January 12, 2013, as follows:

God is the Creator and controller of the universe. He is eternal, benevolent, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.  God is the sublime source of ethics, and the giver of Grace, including the Faith to believe in His existence, infinite love and happiness.

Satan is the main angel rebelling against God and originating all evil in the world.  He  wants to transform Earth into Hell and rejoices over war, carnage, child sex trafficking, torture and murder.  He is the main source of evil and seeks our damnation.

God created man and gave him freedom to choose between His Creator and Satan — Heaven and Hell.  Whom are you following — God or Satan — and where do you want to live afterlife — Heaven or Hell?


America has chosen Satan and Hell, but God’s created man at God’s image and made him heir of Heaven.  Do you prefer Hell to Heaven?  Rebuke Satan so that he cannot claim you.

God is about to chastise man to bring him down to his knees, open his eyes and then embrace God.  The stock market will crash, earthquakes will crack America, mainly California and Los Angeles will be destroyed, because this generation is worst than Sodom and Gomorrah, and unlike Nineveh, does not listen to God’s voice.

Desolating Abominations, like Pizzagate and Pedogate, are rampant in America and the world, though some people do not believe in such abominations.


Click on the following link to retrieve the article Pizzagate and Pedogate.



Lois Vogel-Sharp recommends contacting the White House for Roe vs Wade Overturn.

Image result for white house picture

White House address and Phone Number

1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW,

Washington, DC 20500



Click the following link to retrieve the article Roe vs Wade Overturned.



Rise Remnant Church, pray for The Lukewarm Church to become dynamic, and fight for

The Right to Life.

Click the following link to retrieve the article Dynamic Catholic Package.



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