Humanity Is Falling Apart






The Prayer of the videos

We come to you, our Father, and we ask you in humility to please step in and help us.  Our world and our country are messed up by the evil one, and we need a victory over his attacks upon our land, and upon our hearts, our souls, our minds, and our bodies.  Help us, O Lord, to be the sons of God – so we can fulfill our purposes in this world that belongs to you.  We rebuke all evil that  is trying to take your children  and your  planet  from you,  in Yeshua’s name, and we call for the kingdom warrior angels to come and help us in our mission to shine your light, Father, to the world – so souls can be saved and come into your kingdom, rather than be destroyed in the devil’s  kingdom.    Help  us,  Father,  to  love  one  another  the  way  we  are supposed  to,  for  this  is  how  the  world  knows  who  are  the  true  sons  and daughters of the Most High God.  We thank you, and we will continue to pray with all of our hearts that we can be true sons and daughters that will touch the lives of all we meet.

In Yeshua’s name we ask,




Safe Havens are places of refuge for the people of God during The Tribulation.

The economic crash will collapse the stock market, cause panic among investors, and carry gold and silver to the stratosphere.

Center your life around God during The Great Spiritual War.




Click on the following link to retrieve the article “The Great Spiritual War”.




Click on the following link to retrieve the article “Awareness of the End of Times”.



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