Hearing in the Spirit






The Holy Spirit is God on Earth and resides in your soul in the state of grace.  He has the same nature of the Father and the Son, who reside in Heaven, and when Christ  ascended to Heaven, He sent the Holy to guide His Church until The End Times.

Are you in the state of grace to hear the Holy Spirit?  If you are not, seek the sacrament of Penance to invite the Holy Spirit into your soul.  “Come Holy Spirit” and “Surrender to the Holy Spirit” are the most transcendental prayers to the Holy Spirit.

He talked to me like Christ talked to Saul to build Christ’s Church, though I am humble and do not compare to Saint Paul.  The Almighty Father anointed me . . . God Sent Me to Confession to forgive and bless me to serve the Holy Spirit.

I want you to draw people to Me,” He said, in the telepathic Dialogue with the Holy Spirit.I gave my fiat with trepidation, because I deemed myself humble and unworthy to receive such call.  I acknowledge today HUMILITY essential to serve God.

The Holy Spirit asked me to write to the Filipinos, and recently to intensify the writing, because the Philippines will become the principal evangelization center.  I hold a worldwide audience. and FACEBOOK was an invaluable evangelization resource, but unfortunately they denied their resource because of my apostolic zeal.

Your message cannot be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook reported as offensive,” Facebook claimed.

You can access my blog entering “meditationsoncatholicism.blog” into your browser.

FACEBOOK‘s repudiation has ironically increased my blog readings and the Holy Spirit told me I will follow another avenue to draw new people to Him.




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