Rosh-Hashanah: 2020



Focus on minute the second minute to the fifth for God’s message.

(01) We are taking back America, my people.

(02) It is time to rebuke evil with the authority of Christ.

(03 Show to the world what it takes to follow Your Creator.

(04) Places that do not follow me will be destroyed.

(05) My indignation will pour upon the Earth.

(06 Are you ready to go beyond close doors?

(07) Install a judge who believes in the right to life.

(08) Overturn Roe vs Wade, Mr. President.

(09) This election is crucial to America and the course it will take.

(10) Vote President Trump again, he will continue to build America a Safe Heaven.

(11) Judge Ginsburg was not an advocate for me.

(12) We started a New Year, and all will change in my direction, not Satan’s.

(13) America will look to Me again.

(14) Get ready for all Hell to break loose.

(15) President Trump, stop evil where it lays.


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