Sen Klobuchar and SCOTUS Hearing


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Senator Amy Klobuchar-MN(D)

Senator Amy Klobuchar pushed back against Fox News host Chris Wallace’s question that Democrats are going to “use” the coronavirus outbreak among Republicans to delay the SCOTUS hearing. 

When asked why the hearing could not happen virtually, Klobuchar stressed that “this is for the highest court of the land.”

The Senate has conducted hearings virtually during the pandemic on a number of occasions.

In an interview with  Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar pushed back on suggestions that Democrats are trying to “use” the coronavirus outbreak among key Republican senators as a reason to delay the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Note: How would you, Senator, have argued if you were a Pro-Life Republican?

Senate Republicans including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham are adamant about proceeding with Barrett’s hearings in the intended date of Oct. 12, 2020. 


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