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The video reinforces Meditation Prayer.


Message to Valentina Sydney Seer

4 December 2020

Distractions of the World Stop Prayer

This message was received on Saturday 28 November 2020. Today I received a message from Blessed Mother. She said, “My children, you are being so distracted by the devil in the world now. He is so cunning. He does not want you to pray. He does not want you to come close to God, so he is constantly interfering in your lives, and you obey. I feel very sad for you for the way you obey him, My children.”

Blessed Mother showed me and said “Like with the snap of the fingers, he leads you exactly to where he wants you to go. Instead of praying, He will put on your mind, many chores that you have to do. You must be strong and say, No!”

“If you say your prayers first, then grace will be given to you, and in no time you will do all your chores. God knows that you have all your family duties to do, but My children, be strong and say no to the devil. You must be strong and say no to him.”

Blessed Mother was reminding me how important our prayers are to Heaven. She said, “My child, we wait for your prayers.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for teaching and guiding us.


Click the following link to retrieve the article “Forms of Prayer”.


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