My America



Focus on the first to the third minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) I am moving to recover the White House.

(02) The Supreme Court will not be packed.

(03) The Constitution of America will not be changed.

(04) The Land of the Free will always be My America.

(05) Evil, you are done. Return where you come from.

(06) You only have access to the lands that opened their hearts to you, not My America.

(07) You know you stepped in where you do not belong.

(08) Time to pack your bags and leave.

(09) You have only certain places where your kingdom will rise, until the time . . .

(10) Do what you must do, but you may not have America.

(11) Help is on the way, proclaim liberty and justice for all, including the unborn.

(12) It is time to clean house and never let evil return.

(13) Rejoice for your redemption draws nigh.

(14) Proclaim the victory today . . . help will not delay.

(15) A smile is on your face for we are revealing all the disgrace.

(16) Evil thought he had won, no because of My Son.

(17) Peace and harmony to those who walk on My Kingdom where you will find My Wisdom.

(18) I love you, Your Father Who is in Heaven.


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