Blessed Mother Explains The End Times (Part 1)


Maria Explains The Apocalypse “The First Sign – Confusion”


“Beloved children, take refuge in my Immaculate Heart. The glorious reign of Christ will be preceded by a great suffering which will serve to purify the Church and the world and to lead them to their complete renewal.

Jesus has already begun his merciful work of renewal with the Church, his Spouse.

Various signs indicate to you that the time of purification has come for the Church: the first of these is the confusion which reigns there.

This in fact is the time of its greatest confusion.

Confusion is spreading within the Church, where everything in the field of dogma, liturgy and discipline is being subverted.

These include truths revealed by my Son and which the Church has defined once and for all, through her divine and infallible authority.

These truths are unchangeable, as the very truth of God is unchangeable. Many of these form part of real mysteries in the strict sense of the word, because they are not and never can be understood by human intelligence.

Man must accept them with humility, by an act of pure faith and firm trust in God who has revealed them and proposed them to men of all times, through the Magisterium of the Church.

But now there is spread abroad a most dangerous tendency of wanting to penetrate and understand everything – even mysteries – to such a point that only that part of the truth is accepted which can be understood by human intelligence.

There is a desire to unveil the very mystery of God. Any truth which is not understood by reason is rejected.

There is an inclination to propose all revealed truth in a new and rationalistic way, under the illusion of making it acceptable to all.


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