“GO TO CHURCH! Do not wait for the Hearse to take you.”

Hearses in front of churches are increasing in America due to aging of baby boomers. I turned sixty and wondered when will a hearse take me, but due to Signs of the End Times, if I will be alive at Christ’s Second Coming.

The Soul is a Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit! Seek Penance if you live in mortal sin and pray to the Holy Spirit to draw you to Penance.

•He prepares men through grace to draw them to Christ. 
•He manifests the Risen Lord to men by spreading his word and helping them to understand the mysteries of the faith.
•He makes Christ present, especially in the Eucharist. 
•He brings men into closeness with God.

The Mass is the supreme Catholic celebration, but Catholics have gradually decreased Mass participation because of increasing Apostasy.  Assume your nobility of children of God and “GO TO MASS!”  Do not until the hearse takes you to church.


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