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Saint Leopoldina Pereira

 HORTA, FAIAL My friend Leopoldina Pereira had lived across my previous home in Carreira, Castelo Branco, Faial, Azores. She is an unknown saint to whom I often invoke her protection. I went purposely to the Azores to visit Leopoldina on … Continue reading

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______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Baptized MANUEL, in the church Matriz, Horta, Faial, Azores, on August 7, 1954, my mother gave me a Hebraic name meaning God with us. The Holy Spirit called me for a divine mission on August 8, 2012, per … Continue reading

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Knowledge: Supernatural Information

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Wisdom uses Knowledge to attain the objectives of the Holy Spirit. He is omniscient, but Christians have limited and imperfect Knowledge; yet the Holy Spirit may grant, as He pleases, information to believers they could never attain naturally. … Continue reading

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Saulo Recupera a Visão

  O artigo Nove Carismas introduz dons cujo objetivo principal é servir o Corpo Místico de Cristo. O Conhecimento e a Sabedoria podem operar interativamente para alcançarem certos fins, porque o Conhecimento consiste em verdade divina e a Sabedoria no … Continue reading

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Saul’s Sight Recovery

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ The article Nine Charisms introduces gifts to serve the Mystical Body of Christ. Knowledge and Wisdom may interact, since Knowledge is information and Wisdom is the use of information. The Holy Spirit gives to believers limited supernatural Knowledge … Continue reading

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  Crown of the Holy Spirit The Azoreans are devout of the Holy Spirit   ______________________________________________________________   When Christ ascended to Heaven, He promised the Holy Spirit and sent Him on Pentecost  to guide the Catholic Church until The End … Continue reading

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