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Seventy Fifth Letter to the Filipinos

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   I have written many articles about The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience, because the Holy Spirit has commanded me, and I  believe they will represent a milestone in the salvation of Humanity.  Our generation … Continue reading

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Luz de Maria sur l’Avertissement

______________________________________________________________ NOTRE SEIGNEUR JÉSUS-CHRIST 20.09.2018 Les pénombres cesseront d’être pénombres pour en venir à être les plus terribles ténèbres qui ne donneront lieu à la clarté, jusqu’à ce que la voûte du Ciel s’illumine par deux corps célestes qui s’effleureront … Continue reading

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Luz de María: Advertencia

______________________________________________________________ NUESTRO SEÑOR JESUCRISTO 17.09.2018 Las penumbras dejarán de ser penumbras para pasar a ser las más terribles tinieblas que no darán lugar a la claridad, hasta que la bóveda del Cielo se ilumine por dos cuerpos celestes que se … Continue reading

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Mass Arrests

  The video above gives the reader a wealth of insights about Q or Q Anon, presenting and interpreting several posts of Q Anons.   ______________________________________________________________     LIZ CROKIN makes astonishing revelations about the Deep State subject to the New … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga

  Britney Spears and Lady Gaga are hinting their personal desire for DELIVERANCE.  Yes, we wish it occurs, and remember the Catholic Church has trained exorcists to help in the liberation of victims of satanic possession.  Exorcism is the religious … Continue reading

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Triumphant Lord

    This is a clear, timeliness message from the Lord to Mari Koch:  PROPHECY GIVEN TO MARK TAYLOR ABOUT 4 HOURS AGO…I JUST GOT IT….DIDN’T SOMEONE GET A MESSAGE ABOUT A GREAT…ROUNDUP POSSIBLY ON DECEMBER 5, OR 6? The … Continue reading

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Luz de Maria, 13-11-18

MENSAGEM DE NOSSO SENHOR JESUS CRISTOÀ SUA AMADA FILHA LUZ DE MARIA13 DE NOVEMBRO DE 2018 Meu Povo amado: CHAMO-VOS A VIVER DO AMOR DA NOSSA TRINDADE. É necessário que dentro da Humanidade existam criaturas com a responsabilidade de estarem … Continue reading

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