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Vítima de Culto Satânico

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Tive uma premonição aterradora quando entrei no laboratório de análises ao sangue, porque a intuição avisou-me que Santanás estava perto. Estava compassivo de um presumível doente mental, mas medroso e inseguro quando o mirei. Os seus olhos, penetrantes … Continue reading

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Lent 2021 Greetings! The blog is tetralingual and some articles, including Letters to the Filipinos, have text in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, to facilitate evangelization.  I am including more languages in 2021 to reveal prominent public messages Heaven is … Continue reading

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Victim of Satanic Cult

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ I had a terrifying premonition when I entered a blood test laboratory in June 2012, because I felt Satan was close.  The laboratory was in an ominous silence, a weird man sat near the receptionist’s window, and I sat … Continue reading

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Return God to School Again

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   It’s April Fouls Day of 2013, and I wished the horrific news I watched on Good Morning America were intended to foul. Authorities have foiled a new plot of school mass murder engineered by two … Continue reading

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