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Halloween Demonic Celebration

  This is a Halloween extract from a message Christ gave to Luz de María on October 27, 2017. ______________________________________________________________ My Beloved People: I CALL YOU NOT TO CONCUR OR PARTICIPATE IN THE DEMONIC CELEBRATION OF HALLOWEEN. Evil has possessed … Continue reading

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Celebración Demoníaca de Halloween

  Este es un extracto sobre Halloween de un mensaje que Cristo dio a Luz de María el 27 de Octubre de 2017. ______________________________________________________________ Amado Pueblo Mío: LES LLAMO A NO CONCURRIR NI PARTICIPAR DE LA CELEBRACIÓN DEMONÍACA DE HALLOWEEN. El … Continue reading

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Warning Process

  The following text is an extract of a message from Christ to Luz de María published on September 28, 2017. ______________________________________________________________ The Warning, my people ought to find you having repented of evil committed, yet I see so many who … Continue reading

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Pain Has a Purpose

  There’s a purpose behind your physical or emotional pain. Pain will always be present in your life, but you don’t need to struggle to find a purpose behind your pain. It’s is an opportunity for you to see how … Continue reading

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Profetisa Luz de Maria

  Escrevi um ensaio sobre Luz de Maria  porque é uma profetisa notável de O Fim dos Tempos. Um profeta é um comunicador, informante ou porta-voz enviado por Deus, por exemplo, Isaías, Ezequiel e Daniel.  A Mãe Santíssima  também transmite mensagens através … Continue reading

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Prophetess Luz de Maria

  I have written an essay about Luz de Maria because she is a notable prophetess of The End Times. A prophet is a communicator, informer or spokesperson sent by God, e.g. Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. The Blessed Mother also transmits … Continue reading

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Profetisa Luz de María

  He escrito un ensayo sobre Luz de María porque es una notable profetisa de El Fin de los Tiempos. Un profeta es un comunicador, informante o portavoz enviado por Dios, por ejemplo Isaías, Ezequiel y Daniel. La Santísima Madre también … Continue reading

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