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Bible Verses on Forgiving

  Forgiveness is such a key for living a peaceful and joyful life! There are people who hold grudges for years in detriment of their mental health and their inheritance of the kingdom of God. The article Escalating Evil indicates … Continue reading

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Accomplissement du Psaume 83

  L’Esprit Saint m’a inspiré pour écrire à propos de l’accomplissement imminent du Psaume 83. Le Père Éternel est très attentif aux enfants souffrant des atrocités de la guerre, et il est sur le point d’infliger le premier coup fort … Continue reading

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Cumplimiento del Salmo 83

  El Espíritu Santo me inspiró a escribir sobre el inminente cumplimiento del Salmo 83. El Padre Eterno está muy atento a los niños que sufren atrocidades de la guerra, y Él está a punto de infligir el primer golpe … Continue reading

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Cumprimento do Salmo 83

  O Divino Espírito Santo inspirou-me para escrever sobre o cumprimento iminente do Salmo 83. O Pai Eterno está muito atento às crianças que sofrem atrocidades da guerra, e Ele está prestes a infligir o primeiro golpe nos perpetradores. Os … Continue reading

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Public and Private Revelations

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   Public revelation — the Bible — refers to God’s direct revelation to mankind.  The Bible knows no time or place borders and climaxes with the Passion and Resurrection of Christ.  Private revelation comprises all visions … Continue reading

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Catholics Come Home

  Catholics Come Home emphasizes the history, beauty, spirituality and accomplishments of the Catholic Church over her 2,000-year history. It illustrates how the universal Church is comprised of all races, ages, cultures and socioeconomic levels. It combines important factual information … Continue reading

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PSALM 83 Fulfillment

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   The Holy Spirit inspired me to write about the imminent fulfillment of Psalm 83. The Eternal Father is very attentive to war atrocities, and He is about to inflict the first sharp blow on the … Continue reading

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