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Eighth Station of the Cross

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   EIGHTH STATION Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem   Consider how some women, seeing Jesus in such pitiful condition, who was shedding blood along the way, cried with compassion; but Jesus said to them, do … Continue reading

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The Great Debt Crisis

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   Disclaimer:  For education Only   Economic Collapse News The outlook of recession 2019 is getting serious.  The video explains the effects of the global debt bubble which is failing.  Housing prices have outpaced wage growth … Continue reading

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Britains Want Brexit

______________________________________________________________     On the day when the U.K. was originally meant to withdrawal from the European Union, thousands of demonstrators angrily protested against the latest delay in a troubled three-year process.   ______________________________________________________________     Thousands of leave supporters … Continue reading

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Septième Station du Chemin de la Croix

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   SEPTIÈME STATION Jésus tombe pour la deuxième fois Considérez la deuxième chute de Jésus sous la Croix, qui renouvelle au Seigneur affligé la douleur des blessures de sa tête et de tout son corps.   … Continue reading

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Luz de María, 29-03-19

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ MENSAJE DE SAN MIGUEL ARCÁNGEL A LUZ DE MARÍA 29 DE MARZO DEL 2019 Hijos de Dios: ANTE LA CONTINUA PETICIÓN DE LA TRINIDAD SACROSANTA PARA QUE NINGÚN ALMA SE PIERDA, VENGO A LLAMARLOS AL CAMBIO RADICAL COMO JEFE … Continue reading

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Séptima Estación de la Vía Crucis

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   SÉPTIMA ESTACIÓN Jesús cae por segunda vez   Considera la segunda caída de Jesús debajo de la Cruz, en la cual se renueva el dolor de las heridas de su cabeza y de todo su … Continue reading

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Declining Sacramental Life

______________________________________________________________   Synopsys of the article Declining Sacramental Life of the Church an Alarming Trend by Msgr. Robert Batule _______________________________________________________   Where are you headed?  It is a question we should ask ourselves as Catholics. “The Church means less and … Continue reading

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