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Gold Trade Scheme

______________________________________________________________ EDUCATION ONLY _______________________________________________________________ Bernard Baruch was one of the wealthiest speculators in American history. He started with nothing and worked his way up to become a war effort hero and a trusted advisor to many Presidents during his lifetime. … Continue reading

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One Hundred Forty Eighth Letter to the Filipinos

______________________________________________________________ Most Reverend Malcolm Broussard ______________________________________________________________ Bishop Broussard read the gospel before his homily. Jesus instituted the sacrament of Penance on His first appearance to His apostles after His resurrection. ______________________________________________________________ Click on the following link to retrieve the article … Continue reading

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Veni Spiritus Sanctus

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Essay written in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French Ensaio escrito em Inglês, Português, Espanhol e Francês Ensayo escrito en Inglés, Portugués, Español y Francés Essai écrit en Anglais, Portugais, Espagnol et Français ______________________________________________________________ Click on the following link … Continue reading

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The Bandit Circus

______________________________________________________________ Except from GOLD by MATTHEW HART, author of DIAMOND ______________________________________________________________ In 1993, to encourage exploration and expand its gold reserves, China loosened regulations and opened the door to foreign miners. Even Chinese state-owned companies could now raise exploration money … Continue reading

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U.S. and China Trade War

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Investors have heard about trade tensions between the U.S. and China. The countries are in a trade war, and it is difficult to predict its implications for the countires economies and stock markets. It is worth to examine … Continue reading

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______________________________________________________________ PROPHECIES AND REVELATIONS GIVEN TO LUZ DE MARÍA ______________________________________________________________ SAINT MICHAEL ARCHANGEL10.26.2019 The specter of war is moving from various points on Earth, distracting the children of God so that they do not remain attentive and are confused. ______________________________________________________________ … Continue reading

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Economics Package

______________________________________________________________ The package is a beginner’s guide of Tariffs in International Finance. Click on the following links, in descending order, to retrieve their respective articles. Tariffs in International Economics Impact of Import Tariffs International Trade and Finance Welfare Costs of … Continue reading

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Tariffs in International Economics

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ This video provides an excellent presentation to the concept of trade in international economics. I recommend this video to beginning economics students for a basic understanding of tariffs. ______________________________________________________________

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Luz de Maria, 05-23-20

______________________________________________________________ MESSAGE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARYTO HER BELOVED DAUGHTER LUZ DE MARIAMAY 23, 2020 Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: I bless you with My Maternal Love. EVIL IS PERSECUTING MY CHILDREN; SO IT HAS BEEN DOING DOWN THROUGH … Continue reading

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Welfare Costs of Protectionism

______________________________________________________________ How do tariffs affect consumers and producers? Who wins and who loses? ______________________________________________________________ Protectionism restrains trade through tariffs or other regulations that burden foreign producers and benefit domestic producers. A tariff is a tax on imports. A tariff decreases … Continue reading

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