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¿Dónde estaban las mujeres?

  Donald Trump Firma Orden Ejecutiva Contra Aborto Rodeado De Hombres ______________________________________________________________ Usted podría pensar que todas las mujeres estaban en “Planned Parenthood” o en Marchas Pro-Abortos. ¿Se trata de un caso de legislación sin representación? Traigamos al debate la … Continue reading

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Mensaje Urgente de Cristo

  MENSAJE DE CRISTO A WILLIAM COSTELLIA EL 29 DE ENERO DE 2017 ______________________________________________________________ William: He recibido un mensaje hoy de Jesús, mientras estaba expuesto en la custodia en el altar. Jesús vino a través del host a la luz … Continue reading

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Onde Estavam as Mulheres?

  Donald Trump Assina Ordem Executiva Anti-Aborto Rodeado Por Homens ______________________________________________________________ Podem pensar que todas as mulheres estavam na “Planned Parenthood” ou em Marchas Pro-Aborto.  Trata-se de um caso de legislação sem representação?  Vamos trazer ao debate a mãe mais … Continue reading

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Where Were the Women?

  Donald Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order Surrounded By Men ______________________________________________________________ One might think that all women were either at Planned Parenthood or on Pro-Abortion Rallies. Is this a case of legislation without representation?  Let us bring to the debate … Continue reading

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Urgent Message from Christ

  MESSAGE OF CHRIST TO WILLIAM COSTELLIA ON JANUARY 29, 2017 WILLIAM: I received a Message today from Jesus, while He was exposed in the Monstrance on the Altar. Jesus came through the Host in light and stood on the … Continue reading

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Surrender to the Holy Spirit

  This is an extract of a message of the Blessed Mother to Luz de María on January 22, 2007. ______________________________________________________________ YOU HAVE TO SURRENDER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT TO ACT FREELY IN YOU AND SO, YOU GROW AND BECOME … Continue reading

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The Book of Revelation

  The Book of Revelation was written at the closing of the first century in the island of Patmos off the coast of Asia Minor. The book is hard to read because of intricate and unusual symbolic language — apocalyptic … Continue reading

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