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Pray and Fast for President Trump

    This is an urgent message from Christ to Sister Clare published on January 30, 2018. ______________________________________________________________ PRAY AND FAST FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND NATION! In the Spirit this morning three intercessors and Brides were given to know that … Continue reading

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Ready for Chastisement

  It is an article of Alexandra DeSanctis published on National Review on January 29, 2018. ______________________________________________________________ The Senate failed this evening to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would’ve banned abortions after 20 weeks, after Democrats filibustered … Continue reading

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Ban on Late Abortion

  ‘The United States is currently one of just seven countries ― including China and North Korea ― that permits elective abortion after 20 weeks. It is time we begin to remedy this obvious and tragic moral wrong. This long-overdue … Continue reading

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Christ’s Return

  The Beginning of Calamities.  As he was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples approached him privately and said, “Tell us, when will this happen, and what sign will there be of your coming, and of the end of … Continue reading

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A Armadura de Deus

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   Deus criou o anjo Lucifer, que  revoltou-se com um grupo de anjos contra Deus.  O Arcanjo Miguel lançou-os no Inferno e Lucifer tornou-se Santanás.  Traíu Adão e Eva e introduziu o pecado na Humanidade que … Continue reading

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A Mãe Santíssima e o Aviso

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   Trecho de uma mensagem, traduzido de Espanhol para Português, que a Mãe Santíssima deu a Luz de María, em 20 de Janeiro de 2018   ______________________________________________________________   O AVISO é um grande ato de Misericórdia … Continue reading

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La Madre Bendita y la Advertencia

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________  Extracto de un mensaje que la Madre Santísima dio a Luz de María, el 20 de Enero de 2018. La ADVERTENCIA es un gran acto de Misericordia para la Humanidad — personal y universal. “HIJOS MÍOS, EL AVISO NO … Continue reading

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  ”Arrivés auprès de Jésus, ils dirent: Jean-Baptiste nous a envoyés vers toi, pour dire: Es-tu celui qui doit venir, ou devons-nous en attendre un autre?  A l’heure même, Jésus guérit plusieurs personnes de maladies, d’infirmités, et d’esprits malins, et … Continue reading

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Blessed Mother and the Warning

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Blessed Mother to Luz de María January 20, 2018 EXCERPT The WARNING is a great act of Mercy for Humanity — personal and universal. “MY CHILDREN, THE WARNING IS NOT THE GUARANTEE OF CONVERSION FOR ALL HUMANITY, CONTRARILY, … Continue reading

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  Então eles foram até o lugar onde Jesus estava e disseram: — João Batista nos mandou perguntar o seguinte: o senhor é aquele que ia chegar ou devemos esperar outro?  Naquele momento Jesus curou muitas pessoas das suas doenças … Continue reading

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