Maria Julianna, 03-02-18


The future Pope Peter II asked me to translate prophetic messages of Maria Julianna from Hungarian to English.  The request is my first step to know some prophecies of this Hungarian mystic.


Message to Maria Julianna

March 2, 2018

“Dear children! Again I speak to you about the cross: Come all to me! Greet my cross, especially now, in the Lenten Season! Pray! Pray! Pray! I give you many graces for your prayers. Dark clouds gather in the sky, and my opponent wants to get rid of you, but only as much as I allow. I admit My Heart and the Heavenly Father are blazing in love for you. I repeat now my mother’s call in Fatima: Penance! Penance! Penance! Mercy! I admonish for the sins of the world, for only prayer and forgiveness can keep this world afloat, preventing it from sinking in sin.

My children! World War II could have been prevented if people had converted. It was not enough to pray. Now I’m warning you: you can prevent World War III, or alleviate its severity. I will not let the angel of destruction enter where I see sufficient prayer and atonement. Take the example of Nineveh! They avoided the promised punishment because of their conversion. They believed Jonah’s words and obeyed his call. Why do not you believe My Word? It is because you are arrogant and do not want to convert. That’s why you’re in Satan’s trap. Take my warnings seriously! Convert today because you do not know when you have to leave your body and your possessions. I ask you for continuous prayer and readiness. Take time for Me, for I beg you for every minute. Your life is short, like a blink of an eye, and you do not know when the end will come. Take my warnings seriously! Many people will be hurt because they do not listen to Me, who loves you so much and wants to save you. Do not murmur if you have a cross, instead join me in sufferings and trials to assure your salvation. I love you to the point of giving my life for you! Come to me as often as possible since I remain among you in the Eucharist! Receive me in the Sacrament as often as possible, but cleanse yourself beforehand in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I am calling and waiting for you…


Refer to Conversion, Penance and Prayer.

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