Trump and Secret Societies


It follows a message Jesus gave to William Costellia, on April 15, 2018


Jesus said that Donald Trump was not blamed nor the allies, as he proceeded from the heart due to the atrocities committed against innocent children; nor was President Assad blamed — as what is happening comes from sources of the Secret Societies — who desire the U.S.A. to be drawn in — to bring conflict between the Super Powers, but more so — to draw the powers to attack Israel. He said what is happening in The Middle East will soon escalate to the main conflict — where the Super Powers will be drawn into it. Jesus said this whole situation is due to corruption and atrocious acts. He said that the U.S.A. should remove itself from Syria.

Jesus spoke to me about the World in general and explained — that it was grave sins that were causing all that was taking place. The Earth was going to have greater ecological changes which has nothing to do with Global Warming. The climate changes were due to the core of the Earth — the Magma was moving due to the slow tilting of the Earth and increasing the heat of the inner Earth; where the Earth was spinning faster causing a wobble. This will cause the changes of the outer crust and volcanic eruptions. He then said the Sun is also causing changes to the Earth’s magnetic field as is also the moon. Jesus said the Sun too was spinning faster which will affect the Earth. Jesus always says it is caused by sin and only Prayers can change that. He blessed me and left.

William Costellia

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