Petrus Romanus, 03-13-19



OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Greetings My beloved son, the White Rock that will redeem mankind at this time. I greet all My children throughout the world, especially those children who continue to remain faithful to Me.”

“Today, My dear children, is a sad day – and yet a glorious day – because in Australia judgement has been made upon My beloved son, Cardinal Pell. The directions given are directions of abomination before God – for these directions are against Cardinal Pell and against Truth.”

“My beloved Cardinal: Be at peace, My son! Now you know the sufferings that I ask of you, to atone for the many sins committed in Australia and throughout the world. Your convictions are scandalous and will bring upon the city of Melbourne and Australia, great suffering in the coming years. But be at peace, My beloved son, because I am with you.”

“Those who committed this sin will be brought before Me before long and heavy judgement will fall upon them and upon many souls who have denied the Truth. Take courage, My son, for know that the one I am speaking through now, went through the same humiliation, but Truth will be found, as judgement will fall upon many. Take courage, My son, as I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My children of Australia and the world: Know this, that I will come to save mankind, because if I did not, most of the world would be lost. Many of Our children throughout the world are wondering what is happening, because they see so many evils descend upon mankind. But My children, you have been warned [for] many, many years about what is to come upon the world. Shortly, the Antichrist will be made known throughout the whole world and mankind will succumb to him, because mankind have forgotten We Created them.”

“To the people of the world I say: Be watchful and pray, for many things will come upon mankind to awaken them from their slumber. California – a place that should have honored and glorified God, has disowned Him and used humanity to bring forth all that is to come upon this State. How sad it is, My sweet children. Soon the Great War will come upon mankind and mankind will see what it has done to itself.”

“The State of California will be removed, but before this comes, I place My Mercy upon every man, woman and child, to come to My Sacred Heart while you still have time.”

America is in great darkness, even though many souls are starting to realize and starting to understand what I, your God, am asking. All children must pray and do penance, because the United States of America only has a short time before the Great War will engulf it.”

“My beloved son, Donald Trump, is working very hard to bring the United States to peace and prosperity. However, this will be cut short, because mankind forget to come to Me, for I am Peace and I have a Loving Heart for all My children.”

“The people in Argentina: The reason why the country has gone into chaos, is because My children do not acknowledge Me and have placed Me aside. I have given you ample opportunities to be faithful to Me. Therefore I beg of you: go to Confession and go to Holy Mass, because it is only in this way you will see the Truth.”

“Pray, My children , for Mexico, because the volcano will erupt and bring great destruction upon the land and many souls will be brought over the veil. This is a time of great penance for Our children. It is a time to reflect on all that is happening in your lives. Call on My Most Holy Mother, for She awaits your call, because salvation of the Earth has been placed in Her Immaculate Heart.”

“My sweet children, I long for your happiness and joy in the world, but many of you have placed Me aside. The troubles that you see in Europe and in the Middle East, will flare up and bring great sorrows to you. Therefore I ask you, dear children, have you not learnt from your past mistakes? How many times do you feel that I, Jesus Christ and My Most Holy Mother, will come to you? Pray and do penance, dear children, because it is only in this way, that you will receive salvation and knowledge of what is to be.”

“To the children of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland: I say to you, place Brexit aside and turn to Me, for I will protect you and save you from yourselves. You do not realize what you are doing, dear children, as the Evil One plans to discredit you and bring great harm to your Nations. Turn to Me and I will resolve all of your needs.”

“There is so much that I could say, dear children, but what I have said in the past, I will renew once again. The time is close at hand when the world will be unbalanced, until My children turn to Me, their God.”

“I love you, dear children and with Me today I have My Soldiers all ready to go to cleanse the world of so much corruption. I love you, sweet children and I Bless you and Strengthen you. In these coming weeks of Lent, reflect upon My Life and the Life of My Most Holy Mother, for We both have given all for Our children, so Our children will be saved and live with Us eternally.”

“I Bless you, My children and I Bless you, My holy son. Take courage, you have nothing to fear and remain at peace to love and serve your God. Thank you. I bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Go in peace, My child. I will speak to you more, in the coming days.



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