Petrus Romanus, 11-22-20


OUR LADY: “This Rosary is very special; it has great Power, which I wish you to use later.”

WILLIAM: Our Holy Mother places it over my head and kisses me on my head.

I thanked Our Lady and She said She will speak later. Jesus steps forward. Saint Michael steps to the side of Him. Now I see Jesus’ Sacred Heart and with His Heart, is Our Holy Mother’s Heart and mine.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My predilected son, most pleasing to Me and all of Heaven.+”

“Today is a Great Feast Day in Holy Mother Church. It is Christ the King. I thank you, son, for celebrating the Holy Mass – It was very pleasing to Me. Today you had with you all the Angels and Saints dedicated for your Mission. If only more Masses would be celebrated, like the one you said today.”

“My beloved son and children of the world, it is important that you try to go to Mass, if possible, as the devil has made it nearly impossible for My children to be at Mass, but know this, My children, this great suffering allowed by Me, will not last long, as My Immaculate Mother has interceded for mankind.”

“The Virus that is scourging mankind, is causing many heartaches and problems in the world, but most of all it has reduced the Celebration of Holy Mass. But My children are strong and will triumph over this terrible suffering.”

“My children, My children: mankind has received part of the Global Chastisement, but it is only the beginning, because once this Virus pandemic has passed, you will receive another – far worse – as slowly, you are being prepared for the Great Warning, which will be far greater than any Chastisement you have received.”

“I ask, dear children, that you re-read all the Messages given to mankind since the last 100 years, because it is in them I speak to Our wayward children, preparing them for what lies ahead. In the Scriptures I tell you of what will come to the world, so as to prepare you.”

“The Chastisement cannot be averted now, so I ask each one of you to prepare your household, as the Chastisements will continue to follow.”

“For many years I have prepared you for the punishments that will be metered out, one by one. The world will soon see a Comet that will affect the world and an Asteroid, which will slam into the world, which will kill millions of souls. Therefore, prepare every day as if it were your last.”

“My dearest children, how many times do you expect Me to warn the world it is very late and the world will see [that] just as the Pandemic has engulfed the Earth and it has taken many lives, but had the world listened to Me, it would not be so.”

“Shortly, a Great Tsunami will hit many Coastal Lands and bring with it a pestilence that will arrive from the deep ocean, killing many, many people. Pray, dear children, because mankind has gone to sleep.”

“Pray, sweet children, because in the Pyramids, they will soon find something that will horrify mankind. My children do not realize that Satan and his Dominions are let loose now, and mankind will find things of Hell, which will be placed on Earth to announce [to] mankind of other worlds, so that mankind will be led astray.”

“Pray, My children, pray as I have asked many times before: the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Holy Rosary [which] will save mankind.”

“The Antichrist is very hidden at this time, but in reality he is very fine and well, deceiving mankind. He is working closely with [a] Head of State, but not revealing who he is. but be assured he knows what he is doing. The European countries are not fully aware that it is him, but some very few people who work for the Illuminati and the Freemasons, are fully aware of what he is doing.”

“Pray for Donald Trump, so that he will be able to be victorious, because, should he lose, the U.S.A. will go into great convulsions. If he wins, you [he] will have a short time to correct the wrong the U.S.A. has done over many, many years. It is up to the people of America and the free world to pray.”

“I ask the people to pray for Spain, as plans are in the making, as it did many hundreds of years ago, when Spain was invaded by the Moors – so it will happen again, but it will reach France, Germany and Italy. I ask people to Consecrate these countries to the Blessed Virgin Mary, so that the land will be free.”

“All the countries dedicated to Muslim will become the great enemy of Christianity, very soon.”

“Pray, dearest children, for Iran, because there is a terrible plan to bring war in the Middle East to capture Israel. The time of the Great War will come upon mankind very soon, so pray sweet children, because it is only with prayers that the situation will change.”

“I pray that all children think about eternity now, more than ever – and be not afraid, because I have sent billions of Angels to stand over you. Pray for 2021, because it will be a difficult year and I want all My children to Consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart and the Heart of My Blessed Mother. I Love you, sweet children and I Bless you today: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I will give each child a Rose from the Garden of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Mother. This Rose will strengthen you.”

WILLIAM: Jesus shows me a Rose – it is one of many colours.

OUR LORD: “This Rose is for you, My beloved son, Angel of Divine Love, William. Carry it close to your heart. It is a Mystery. I will speak to you later, as My Most Holy Mother wishes to speak.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady comes close to me, so does St Michael and the White Cross he holds.

SAINT MICHAEL: “I wish to give you this White Cross and place it within your soul. It is very important and it will strengthen you.”

OUR LADY: “I greet all of My beloved children and I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved children, the world has become very dark. It is not simply because of the Pandemic, but rather it is the closing of the hearts and souls of Our children, because this Pandemic, which will be over soon, has taken not only human lives, but has taken the spirits of the souls and brought them into darkness and it will only go, once Our children open up their hearts and turn to God, as time is very serious.”

“Time moves forward in the preparation for My Divine Son Jesus’ return to Earth, but My children must become fully aware that the current Chastisement is only the beginning, as there will be other Pandemics that will assail mankind, but what is more serious, is that faith has become weak, which is separating mankind from God. The Church of My Divine Son is becoming separated, bringing forth the Great Schism in the world – total separation from the Truth, which is the Holy Roman Catholic Church.”

“My children, you must not leave the Truth, but remain in the Church – but be aware Pope Francis will bring this about where you, as Catholics, will be asked to sign a Paper of Allegiance to the Pope, which will be a false declaration.”

“Keep strong with Pope Benedict, because He is the True Pope and when he dies, follow Pope Peter II, who will be the final Pope, but he will not be fully public, as the enemy will keep his information hidden. He will have many names, but all My children will know.”

“Pray, sweet children, as England will undergo many heavy Chastisements first, before it will return to the True and full Faith.”

“Pray for Lebanon, as this country will be scourged, but because of Saint Charbel, Lebanon will survive.”

“Pray for the unity of Seers, because it is vital now. Unite under William Costellia, who will soon be Pope Peter Abraham II. Pray for Pope Benedict ,because his days are numbered.”

“Pray sweet children, for Argentina, because much suffering will come. However, if people pray, Argentina will become the strength of Holy Mother Church and will become the support of Pope Peter II. Pray, dear children.”

“Pray for Africa, because it is My desire that several Nations will become a stronghold of the Faith, who will support Pope Peter II, very soon. I Love you, My sweet children and ask that you pray for unity.”

“Pray for Vietnam, because We have chosen one who will be very close to you, My son and you will meet this soul very soon. I Bless you, My son and all of My sweet children. Do not lose hope, My children and pray. I Love you and Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady gave me direction and then led me back to Jesus. Jesus spoke and said to be at peace and know that you are always in the sight of God. Jesus said when the sight of the Warning comes, then know I will be taken. He Blessed me: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Both Jesus and Mary Blessed me: +


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