The Great Tribulation






“And demons also came out from many, shouting ‘You are the Son of God.’ But he rebuked them and did not allow them to speak because they knew that he was the Messiah” (Lc 4:41).  There were many demons during Christ’s ministry that knew He would shackle Satan to the Cross on Resurrection Sunday, therefore he tried to torment the largest number of people before being shackled.

Satan also knows that Christ will annihilate all His enemies on Christ Second Coming to the World, so Satan will launch a fierce last battle against the Catholic Church to cause the damnation of many faithful. The battle, The Great Tribulation, will occur during the pontificate of Pope Peter II.

Satan is a master of lying, disguise, false promise and destruction. He will gradually instigate war and falsehood till the End of the World through a legion of false prophets. They will operate obscurely on social media and openly on heinous activities such as abortion, genocide, rape, narcotics and satanic cult. The article Victim of Satanic Cult shows cult destruction.

On conventional warfare, strategies and outcomes are generally unpredictable, but on spiritual warfare, including The Great Tribulation, defense is the main strategy and the outcome is predictable. Catholics should seek cover in the Catholic Church during The Great Tribulation through active participation in the Sacraments, primarily the Eucharist, surrender to the Holy Spirit and Mariology.

The Paraclete will particularly assist Pope Peter II to direct the Catholic Church in the most tumultuous period of its existence. The Pontiff will be a beacon of Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom to guide the people of God to the nuptial banquet of Christ with His Church.The media will thoroughly follow the Holy Father and He will use effectively social media to minimize satanic influence. Catholics should get closer to the Church and the Pope for Discernment and prevention against sin.

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