God Sent Me to Confession

I arrived in the United States on June 1976 at age 21 and sought to receive regularly the sacrament of Penance. I wondered if I was the only sinner in the parish, because I was often the only penitent, and for some time I unfortunately sought irregularly the sacrament of God’s mercy.

On May 27, 2012, Holy Spirit Sunday, the blind seasoned priest Fr. Patrick Martin came to our parish to announce a mission in our sister parish of Saint Anthony in North Providence, RI. The Heavenly Father then gave me a clear, unequivocal message: “Go and confess your sins to Fr. Patrick because I want to forgive and bless you.” The blessing resonated in my mind and astonished me … I conceded that the Heavenly Father wanted to pardon my sins, but His call surprised me and His blessing intrigued me, for I humbly thought to be unworthy of the Father’s unbounded love.

“God is Love” was the theme of Fr. Patrick’s mission that I participated and sought Penance. The confessor guided me appropriately before he absolved me of all my life sins. The Heavenly Father wanted to give me a mission under the auspices of the Holy Spirit per the article Dialogue with the Holy Spirit. Christ has even confirmed the mission per the article Be Not Afraid.

Satan hated the interactions with the Holy Trinity and sneaked in my blog to ruin it and make me a false prophet before my audience. A few Catholics helped me and the Holy Spirit has been gracing me with Knowledge and Wisdom to perform my mission.

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