Pray for Priests






Penance comprises four parts:


•Contrition means that we are sorry for our sins, and we intend to try to do better.

•Confession is the act of stating our sins to a priest. It is always required with mortal sins, but it is also a good and pious practice with venial sins.

Satisfaction or penance consists of prayers or particular actions the priest assigns to us to show our sorrow, and to make some amends for our actions.

•Absolution – the words Jesus Christ speaks to us, through the priest – freeing us from our sins.


Pray for Priests was the Satisfaction of my last confession.

The final, fierce battle between Christ and Satan is near, and he has a master plan to attack the Catholic Church.


•To apostatize Lukewarm Catholics

•To tempt Clergymen


Pray for clergymen, because Satan intends to alienate them to hurt lay people. We recommend the Prayer for Priests.



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  1. Kathy Hamill says:

    There was a song that said Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. What about making it Pray for the Peace of the Priest’s

  2. Please pray for recovery from my recent Christmas satanic heart attack … reborn Peter Campbell.

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