Illumination of Conscience




The Illumination of Conscience is an astounding event when God will illuminate our conscience to see momentarily our soul through God’s eyes.

The Illumination is a Grace for Spiritual Growth. We will observe our life, words and deeds, good and bad thoughts, and feel the repercussion of every act or omission on us, other persons and God.  Some saints have said many sinners will repent and be saved.

The Warning will be a miraculous worldwide sign in the sky for God to alert us about the Illumination.  Prepare for it through Penance.


 “Then I will draw near to you for judgment. I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, against the adulterers, against those who swear falsely, against those who oppress the hired worker in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, against those who thrust aside the sojourner, and do not fear me, says the Lord of hosts.” (Malachi 3:5)

“Many shall be refined, purified, and tested, but the wicked shall prove wicked; the wicked shall have no understanding, but those with insight shall.” (Daniel 12:10)






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    Real grace!

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