A locution is a form of private revelation heard or received internally. It is important to ascertain that a locution is authentic before determining recognition or significance. Yes, I had a locution of the Holy Spirit while I was participating in mass this Sunday September 20, 2015.

“Manuel, write an article for Atheists with a video of the centurion asserting the existence of God when the officer witnessed Christ dying on the cross. ‘Truly this was the son of God,’ humbly confessed the centurion on his knees.”

“Children who do not recognize my existence, your Eternal Father, did the excruciating death of my son, your brother, and the centurion act of Faith about my existence mean anything to you? Do you believe that George Washington was the first president of the United States without seeing him?  Why don’t you believe in the Gospel of my son, Jesus Christ? The four canonical gospels, which are books of the Bible, document His Passion, Death on a Cross and Resurrection.  Do you know that no book surpasses the Bible in reading?”

“Jesus Christ will have an upcoming meeting with you to Illuminate your Conscience, prove our existence and invite you to share my kingdom. He was crucified with two thieves, one mocked him and the other was canonized at the spot.  Children, you can follow one of the thieves, to live eternally with me or with Satan, the sponsor of eternal doom and gloom. May the Holy Spirit illuminate you.”

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