The Prophecy of the Last Pope


Many people, including the author, believe on the prophecy of Saint Malichy and it was never officially discredited by the Holy See. The prophecy has predicted popes from Celestine II in 1143 to Benedict XVI in 2005.  I associate the prophecy with finite induction, a method that proves mathematical theorems, showing the prediction true for Pope Celestine II, and for any numbered pope, the prediction of the next numbered pope is true.  For example, for Pope John XXIII the prophecy indicated his successor, Pope Paul VI. The Prophecy of St. Malachy just lists unnumbered Petrus Romanus, Pope Peter II, after Benedict XVI.

Some pundits claim Pope Francis is Petrus Romanus.  Saint  Malachy prophesied all popes in numerical sequence except for Petrus Romanus, and did not list Pope Francis.  The Apparitions of our Eternal Mother in Garbandal, Spain, from 1961 to 1965, shed some light about the popes of The End Times.  Pope Benedict XVI is the first and Petrus Romanus will be the last, and there will be at least one Conclave for the Election of Pope Peter II.

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