Worldwide Warning






In the 20th century, Mary, Mother of Jesus takes action to save lost souls.


In the early 1960s, Mary appears in Garabandal, Spain. “Like a punishment, for the just and the wicked alike. For the just, to bring them closer to God and for the wicked, to announce to them, time is running out…”


In 1981, Mary, Mother of Jesus, visits six young teenagers (1 preteen) at Medjugorje, Bosnia Herzgovina, and announces the same event again but now claims 10 secrets (events) are going to unfold without a doubt. “It is a Warning. It has to be seen…this has to shake us up so the world will start thinking … but to prove there is a God…the first Warning will be self-explanatory.”


In 1987, Mary, Mother of Jesus appears to Pedro Regis in Anguera, Brazil and explains the same event is coming with more details. “The Calvary of humanity will begin on a Friday, but the victory of God will come afterwards …” “The day is coming when mankind will have a great chance to repent. God will show a great sign and mankind will have no explanation.”

Our Lady of Peace to Pedro Regis at Anguera, Brazil (1987- visions continue to this day):

“Peace in the world is threatened. Humanity is heading towards a great abyss and the moment has come for your return to the Lord. The Middle East will tremble with a great atomic holocaust. The moment of pain for humanity is coming. I come from Heaven to call you to conversion. Open your hearts and accept the will of God for your lives. Don’t back out. Go forward on the path I have pointed out.”  “Humanity is heading towards destruction. The earth will shake and tremble with the large atomic holocaust. Iran will be devastated by Israel. Behold the difficult times for humanity. Return to the Lord. Tell everyone that this is the favorable time to conversion. There will come a day when many will repent of life spent without God, but it will be too late.”

“Dear children, I came from Heaven to reveal to you the major events for these your times. I speak to you because I have the permission of my Lord. Be vigilant. Mankind moves away from the creator and walks into the abyss of destruction. Pray. God wants to save you, but you cannot live outside of his grace.”



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