The Antichrist and the Church






The Antichrist will act with great fury to destroy the Church of My Jesus. The Antichrist’s plan will involve all nations, which will be in war at his coming. We are moving briskly to the kingdom of the Antichrist and Satan. Our Lady continued:

“The great suffering of the Church comes through political power, and laws will be created to prevent the action of the Church. In many places temples will be destroyed and Christians will weep and lament.”




Message of Our Lady of Anguera 05-06-2005

A man with good appearance, this is the antichrist, will gain great satanic power. This evil event will happen on the feast of a great saint, he who when called by God fell from his horse and had his live transformed. I ask you to keep alive the flame of your faith. You will see horrors on earth. Many people will be seduced by the beast and marked with his sign. You belong to Christ. You should serve only Him. Don´t let yourselves be deceived. God alone is greater. Trust in Him in order to be great in the faith.

Mensagem de Nossa Senhora de Anguera 01-17-2008

Dear Sons and Daughters, My Jesus was betrayed by one of His chosen, and delivered to the enemies. The day will come when His Church will be betrayed by one of those chosen to defend it. The enemy will have great strength because of the support of many consecrated persons. Behold the time of the great spiritual battle for the Church. Know that despite the damage the opposition will cause, the Church will never be overcome. The Church will remain alive and strong in the hearts of the faithful. Pray. Fear not. This must happen, but in the end The Lord will be victorious.



The article The Antichrist describes his action in a Jewish perspective, and this article covers the whole world focusing the Roman Catholic Church. How should we respond to the warning of The Eternal Mother about the Antichrist? “I ask you to keep the flame of your faith,” recommended Our Lady of Anguera to an apostate world.  Lukewarm Catholics awake from your slumber … and increase your Faith.

The Antichrist will impose himself through political power. Will the federal government defend America from the Antichrist’s political agenda or cooperate with it?

The political power crucified Christ, and will try to crucify the Church, but Christ and His Church will triumph at Christ’s Second Coming to the Earth.



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