US Presidential Election of 2016

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The Blessed Virgin Mary advises the American electorate on August 26, 2016, in the Internet site “Holy Love Ministry”.


“There is a movement afoot in this election that presents a skewed view of the serious issues at hand. This cartel of power stands ready to step in and take power, if their candidate succeeds. Such actions would definitely lead away from democracy and freedom as you now know it. It would not be the candidate in charge, but this cartel of power whose hidden agendas would destroy your nation, moving it towards cooperation with the One World Order.”

“All of this lies hidden beneath the surface of unaccountability. Do not be fooled to believe domestic terrorism is not an issue or that Radical Islam is not a threat. Do not believe in open borders or in being a ‘safe haven’ for hordes of refugees. Do not think a weakened military or a mounting economic crisis do not matter. Step away from complacency and pay attention to where you are being led.”

“Hang onto your national identity. Do not be concerned with false issues – such as global warming – promoted to distract you and to unite the world under one ruler – the Antichrist.”

“What is plotted in the hiddenness of hearts is the greatest threat today. This is why it is not safe to allow open borders or, in a sense of charity, allow thousands into your country. This is why I came to you today to reveal the existence of a cartel of power hidden behind one candidate.”

“Take heed.”

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5 Responses to US Presidential Election of 2016

  1. Allan says:

    Mary is truly speaking of Hilary Clinton, wake up America.

  2. Ck says:

    And where was Our Lady when she allegedly said this???? Those people who know where to get info on the Global Elite & their one world gov’t plots do not need alleged warning from Our Lady. These things are already known, more widely I think than is realized. Be alert…

  3. You ungrateful bunch of hypocrites ,When Heaven call you should all get to your knees and follow the advice that it is given to you.Who better than God knows what lies ahead of you and the faith that you are to suffer? Heed my warnings without God there is only satan to guide you to hell.You choose God or satan.? what it is it going to be?

    • Rosa, I follow the Holy Spirit Who has called me to aid Mankind to prepare for Christ’s Second Coming. Please refer to the blog’s articles “Man Thirsty of God” and “Dialogue with the Holy Spirit”.
      Have you read the article “One World Order”? Rosa, I’m not taking your pertinent and wise comments personally, because otherwise you might be singing to the choir. May God bless you!

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