Christ Supports Donald Trump






Excerpt from Christ’s message to a prominent mystic on October 21, 1016 


“Mankind is heading headlong into the abyss, because so few listen to Our call. The world is preoccupied with themselves, not with their neighbor and not with Me, their Savior. Man is preoccupied with the events in the United States – but I wish to say to My children of the Americas, I, as your God and your Creator, wish you to understand that I support Our beloved son, Donald Trump and the reason being, My sweet children – though he is a weak man – he speaks My Word and that is to protect the unborn – to protect the innocent and to defend his country.”




Click on the following link to retrieve Christ’s full message.





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3 Responses to Christ Supports Donald Trump

  1. The Words through the Mystic are the Words of God through His Little Pebble.

  2. Dear Rita
    In response to the comment regarding Heaven speaking about politics in their messages:
    You may need to be better informed. Church history can give you a thousand examples of such intervention. Many kings and leaders were advised by seers and Prophets about what had to be done in the country. In the Old Testement King Soloman and King David were advised by Prophets regarding military matters.
    In our time, St Briget, St Catherine of Sienna and St Joan of Arc being the prime Saint, gave directions from Heaven to military advisors, even more than that.
    I hope these few examples out of the thousands more will help you.

  3. paul petit says:

    Abortion is simply the killing of innocent lives, whatever the reason.
    How can anyone vote for a party that takes pride in promoting this kind of action?

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