Christ’s Letter






I had tumultuous early hours on Thursday, September 29, 2016, for Jesus was so distressed with Hillary Clinton’s actions.  He asked me to write the following message:


“Manuel, I’m Jesus and I ask you to write immediately an article about Hillary Clinton, for she is persecuting me and my horrific sacrifice on the cross on behalf of my brethren. Warn my Remnant Army that if she is elected president I will have to flex my muscle upon America.”


The message is a part of the article Hillary Alert.  The Little Pebble’s Letter from Jesus to the U.S.A. confirms Christ’s state of mind and his concern about the outcome of the US Presidential Election of 2016.




Click on the following hyperlink and to retrieve the Letter from Jesus to the U.S. A.





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2 Responses to Christ’s Letter

  1. Pam says:

    I know in my heart that Hillary hates Christ and the very thought of Christianity in all of its forms. She has made it so evident to all of us who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I beg all of you who have supported the Democratic party in the past to abandon them for a richer (I mean spiratually richer) and better way of life…Hold to Christ, listen for his word…it will come to you in your darkest hour or in the light of day!

    • Brilliantly stated! The Antichrist is already in the world controlling globalists, such as Hillary Clinton, who will deliver the land of the free and the home to the Antichrist and Satan if she is elected President. The Antichrist will depopulated the world and impose on survivors the Mark of the Beast, the IDMicrochip, to control the survivors in a fascist regime. Those who take the Microchip will deliver themselves to Satan, and those who reject the Microchip will be considered outcasts subject to atrocities and suffering. Hence, this election is much more than an election for America, rather it is an election for the Soul of America. I do recommend my article “New World Order” to the reader.

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