Christ’s Serious Warning to America







“In this nation, politics has presumed the role of conscience — deciding good from evil. If this country supports another president who favors abortion, you will be unable to avoid destruction . . .  Take this warning seriously, for I give it to you plainly in the language of Truth.”



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7 Responses to Christ’s Serious Warning to America

  1. Eric says:

    What about supporting a presidential candidate that advocates racism, dehumanizing women, is vulgar, dishonoring treaty with nations. Who was for abortion then against abortion for political expediency. Who is hypocritical about creating jobs in the US but all of his products are made overseas. Who advocatesviolence in his rallies against minorities and has been divorced three times with a trail of bankruptcies behind him and unpaid business associates and workers. A president who is double tongued with no political heritage or experience . Should I vote for him or vote for other party candidates

    • This election transcends all those concerns. I believe that the inexperienced candidate would place the right people in the right positions. This election occurs in the Apocalypse and involves the Soul of America, our constitution and culture. I want America to keep its sovereignty instead of being delivered to The Antichrist and subject to the New World Order.
      Donald Trump is God’s chosen one to lead America, despite his sins, like Saul of Tarsus was Christ’s chosen one to preach to the Gentiles, despite Saul’s persecution of Christians and Christ Himself. Eric, the ways of God are different from the ways of man. Blessings.

  2. The problem with Pro-Life is that it is only an election issue! It is a gimmic just to get into the White House! After the election nobody will talk about it or do anything to change it! Roe v Wade is still here after all these years. There has never been on President or Senator or Congressman enter office and even discuss the idea of changing or doing away with this law! The Supreme Court if it could do anything will only take up the specifics of the case involved such as fathers rights! So I urge anybody who really is serious about pro life to forget looking to the politicians and to put it in the hands of God! In other words get down on your knees for even 15 minutes a day and pray to God to end abortion and to respect all life! I’m sure He’ll listen and He won’t let you down like the politicians do! And one more thing, I challenge “inspired by the spirit” and anybody to read Divine Mercy in my Soul the diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska who had visions of Jesus Who instructed her to tell the world about His Divine Mercy which He wanted spread to everyone before the day of Justice which is at the end of time! It’s a time of Mercy folks! That’s what our calling is! Justice belongs to God alone!

  3. Elaine Yeskie says:

    Please people wake up . Please don’t kill what GOD has given us You wouldn’t be here if your mother aborted you. THINK ABOUT THAT. AMEN!

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