Economic and Financial Collapses


This is an abstract from two articles of the site Mary Refuge of Holy Love, and the synopsis does not constitute financial advice.

Jesus also has a message about the economy posted on the same site on December 20, 2016.  A copy of the message is at the bottom of this article. 


The economic and financial collapses are near and they will be long and difficult. It is the normal outcome of a false economy based on artificial money and accumulation of debt. The collapses result from human choices and they are not a divine chastisement.

The collapses, terrorism and nuclear war are evils which will mark the contemporary world. They will occur after America rejected God, lost the faith and entered in darkness.

Many shallow secular voices will decry the collapses. If America does not return to the faith, then you will have no hope of recovery. The future does not lie with those who will attempt to rebuild corrupt economic and financial systems, but with those who say “Let us be taught by God”.


“The collapse of the economy in other countries can have an effect upon the economy in your own nation. Even though your president-elect will take positive steps in strengthening this nation’s economy, no nation can thrive independently from every other country.”

“Therefore, when you pray, pray for the economic well-being of all nations. Pray that a global economy does not take control of much of the world, plunging it into the whims of one leader.”

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