Pope Peter II and The Antichrist



Saint Malachy prophesied about Pope Peter II.

“In the final persecution of the Roman Church, Peter the Roman shall reign, who will feed his sheep among many tribulations, and after that, the city between seven hills [Rome] shall be destroyed and the terrible judge shall judge the people.”


Maria Valtorta (14 March 1897 – 12 October 1961) was an Italian Roman Catholic writer, poet, and mystic. She was a Franciscan tertiary and a lay member of the Servants of Mary. Valtorta reported personal conversations and dictations from Christ, and prophesied about Pope Peter II.

“The Last Pope, Peter the Roman, has many meanings – Spirit of First Peter already within the Last Pope, Peter II: Saint Peter to teach Church through you from Heaven – Illumination and Warning to open hearts and minds; unite under one Head, My Mystical Pope.”


The battle of the future pope against secretive societies is causing many hardships to his family, but he will prevail.

The Blessed Mother informed Luz de Maria about The Antichrist’s debut.

“WELL YOU KNOW, MY CHILDREN, THAT THE POWERFUL ELITE THAT MANIPULATES ALL HUMANITY IS PREPARING THE PRESENTATION OF THE ANTICHRIST, AND THIS IS MY URGENCY SO THAT YOU, MY CHILDREN, ARE NOT BE DECEIVED, since those who are not aware of these Prophecies will be basely deceived, utterly confused and made to fall into the fire of hell because they will reject My Son and love the impostor.”


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