The package contains articles mostly written and related to the United States of America.

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Fall of America

America’s Long Decline

The World Trade Center

Wealth Disparity in America

Economic and Financial Collapses

Economic Meltdown

Hurricanes in America

Attack and Invasion of America

US Presidential Election of 2016

Hillary Alert

Hillary America

Hillary Attacks Catholicism

Presidential Election Polling

Dream about Hillary

Election issues

Angels at Every American Booth

Christ Supports Donald Trump

Christ’s Letter

America and Israel

Christ’s Serious Warning to America

Pray for the U.S.A.

U.S.A. Protest Trump Victory

U.S.A. Presidency

Obama May Declare Martial Law

Message of Our Lady of America

Christ’s Thanksgiving Message

A New Declaration of Independence from Satan

America The Beautiful

Contemporary America

The Lord’s Word to America

Donald Trump, 45th USA President

God’s Wrath over America

Death of World Leader

Nation in Distress

The Quest for the Sublime

Blessed Mother in America

Monumental Executive Order

Fires in California

Pray and Fast for President Trump

American Return to God

Trump will Sound the Trumpet

Prayer Warriors

To the US Senate

Beware Mr. President

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