The Great Spiritual War




Christ’s message to a mature mystic on 01-08-17 

(edited for brevity) 

God created you at His image with an intellect and a conscience to understand  good and evil, right and wrong, and gave you free will to choose between Him and Satan — Heaven and Hell.

Christ wonders, “Will there be faith when I return to the world?”  The Holy Mother is directing the Final Battle against the Fallen Angels, who prowl the world to enslave and drag souls into Hell.”

The warfare will peak when The Antichrist is revealed. The battlefields are ready for the great clash between Heaven and Hell, once the World Powers  acknowledge the Antichrist.  I warn My children of Israel that your time has arrived, and the enemy waits to crush and ransack you.

My House on Earth will be ransacked by My enemy, because you have allowed the Smoke of Satan to enter My House and mislead My sheep, scattering and sending them away.  The pope is misleading My Church, so pray for him to escape from Satan.

The New World Order, who tried to prevent My son Donald from being President, will draw America into war, so watch China in the China Sea.  World War III approaches in the Middle East for the Antichrist to make his move.

My Mother has a Plan to save this world before My Return. The Plan includes twelve men from twelve nations, to lead an Army to challenge the Antichrist, as he emerges in the world scene to rule humanity with disciples in all nations. 


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