The Great Spiritual War






Christ’s message to a mature mystic on 01-08-17 

(edited for brevity) 


“Children, all of you are created in the Image of Our Trinity – your souls were created for an Eternal Life. You have been given an intellect and a conscience, with an understanding of good and evil – what is right and wrong. Every man, woman and child of conscionable age has the duty to follow God’s path into Heaven.  God gives us a free will to choose between Him and Satan — Heaven and Hell — and will not force us into Heaven.”

Christ wonders: “As I travel the world in these last days before I Return to the world, I ask Myself: Will there be faith when I Return?”  The Most Holy Mother is directing the Final Battle against the Fallen Angels – Satan and his minions – they prowl the world to enslave souls and drag them into Hell.”

“The warfare has not peaked yet, for the Son of Perdition, echoed by the False Prophet, must be raised.  He will conquer – seemingly – My Church and My people of Israel, who still await My Coming.”

“The battlefields are drawn and all ready for this great clash between Heavenly and Hellish Forces, once the Powers of the World acknowledge the Man of Sin.  I warn My children of Israel – your time has arrived. The enemy waits to crush you and ransack you. The Golden Dome will be your sign as the invading forces will engulf you.”

“To My House upon Earth: you will be ransacked by the enemy of God, because you have allowed the Smoke of Satan to enter My House and mislead My sheep, scattering and sending them to other pastures.”

“One on the Throne of Peter is not preaching what I have given to the Church. Pray for him for he is weak, so that he will not be taken by the one who wishes to overthrow My Church.”

“The Elite of the New World Order, who tried to prevent My son Donald from being President, will draw the Americas into war, for this reason I have warned you to watch the Great Dragon, who wishes to flex its muscles in the China Sea.”

“The Middle East is a powder keg ready to explode, so that the Antichrist can make his move.  The Great War is near.”

“My Mother has a Plan to save this world before My Return. The Plan includes twelve men from twelve different Nations, to lead an Army to challenge the Antichrist, as he emerges upon the world scene. The Antichrist has his men in places in all Nations, Churches and Faiths to rule Humanity. The Angels and Saints of Heaven and the Fallen Angels of Hell are sent to Earth for The Great Spiritual War.”



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