Luz de Maria: the Voice from Heaven


Undated Picture of Luz de Maria

Luz de María was born in Costa Rica and currently resides in Argentina. Her family, with deep Catholic roots, fostered in her the devotion to the Holy Trinity and a great closeness with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Angels.

During Holy Week of the year 1990, the definitive encounter with the Blessed Mother took place. She announced to Luz de María the physical recovery from an illness she suffered and received her in a special way to prepare her for the encounter with Her Divine Son, to begin a long mission that Heaven had designated for her.

Luz de María then married, forming a home in which, with the passing of the years, manifestations of divine nature took place, precisely after an illness that she suffered and that caused her to stay in total seclusion. The Blessed Mother led Luz de Maria  to deep experiences with Jesus Christ and several Saints, especially Saint Michael the Archangel.

At the beginning, the Calls and Messages were personal, dedicated to her preparation and formation for the mission.  They were gradually addressed by Divine Will to humanity, being of an urgent nature related to upcoming events and  spiritual growth.  Subsequently, these messages have been changing, and presently they are ardent calls to receive the Love of God, His Mercy and Justice.

At the beginning of the mission,  the prophetess’ life was rather private because of the Will of Christ, but she presently shares the Divine Messages at the public level, and gives conferences and radio interviews before the proximity of events announced from Heaven.

Luz de María perceives that the Word of Christ and the Blessed Mother have gradually acquired a different magnitude and intensity before the proximity of announced events.  Christ makes known to her in advance the persecution, injustice, defamation and slander that she will face from those who reject Divine Calls and who persecute her to end the mission.  As an instrument of Christ she must follow the same path of Christ on Earth.

Priests from several countries have remained by her side and accompanied her, but it is Christ who guides her. Father José María Fernández Rojas has been beside her as her confessor from the beginning of the manifestations, and has also accompanied her prayer group, the Cenacle, which includes three religious women ― an inseparable part of the group since its formation 24 years ago.

Luz de María is an instrument of the Divine Truth to announce the indications of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother, so that the children of God continue to fight for their own conversion and that of all their neighbors, recognizing and battling with strength the evil that surrounds them on the path of Salvation ― to acknowledge Christ as their personal redeemer and follow His gospel.

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